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The Jetboard Shop out of Berlin is your expert for electric surfboards and jetboards. We have our shop in Germany and partners all around the world to serve you. If you visit Berlin you can actually test the Loawai Jetboards before you buy.

Loawai Jetboard
Loawai Jetboard

Jetboard Shop history

Since more than 2 years we are running the E-Surfer magazine and we were able to try most of the electric jetboards and hydrofoils on our own. Therefore we are starting to sell 2 products which we own ourselves, because we like them and can confirm that they are a good choice. In addition to the Loawai Jetboards we sell the Lift Foils eFoil through our Electric Hydrofoil Shop. In case you are interested in a different board we can still help you through our global reseller network.

Why we like the eFoil is a different story and is told on the website above. We like the Loawai Jetboards because they are easy to handle and very powerful. The PE (Polyethylen) hull has a lot of advantages in our mind as it is very robust. The board is so powerful that you can even tow a wakeboarder or a water tube.

Plug & Play Batteries
Plug & Play Batteries

Loawai Jetboards

We think the Loawai jetboards are the perfect allrounder as it has enough speed to accelerate you up to 53 km/h which should be enough for most of us and at the same time it can be used for your family and kids by turning down the performance in the settings (future option). The Wake model can even accelerate up to 60 km/h.

The powerful engines of 14 kW or even 19 kW (Wake model) was the motivation for us to sell it in our Jetboard Shop.

 Loawai StandardLoawai Wake
Max. Speed53 km/h60 km/h
Acceleration90 kg135 kg
Power11 kW (output)19 kW
Dimensions192 cm x w 73 cm x h 26 cm192 cm x w 73 cm x h 26 cm
Weight (w/o battery)30 kg30 kg
Battery2 swappable lithium ion batteries, 18 kg each2 swappable lithium ion batteries, 18 kg each
Charging team5 hours (standard charger) / 2 hours (quick charger)5 hours (standard charger) / 2 hours (quick charger)
Riding time20-40 minutes20-40 minutes
price (incl. German VAT)18,395 EUR24,675 EUR

The Loawai electric surfboard comes in different colours to give you the choice. No matter if you prefer the cool white or an eye-catching yellow we can serve you. Loawai is not selling directly to consumers which was another reason for us to open the Jetboard Shop.

Loawai Jetboard Shop
Loawai Jetboard Shop

Some facts about the Loawai Jetboard

  • It is easy to ride as it has enough volume to carry you even at low speeds
  • A battery lasts about 20-40 minutes, but depends on your weight and riding style
  • The standard model engine has 14 kW (11 kW output) and needs no driver license in countries like Germany and Spain
  • The Wake model has 19 kW power
  • With the high efficiency charger our battery charges in around 120 minutes, which gives you the opportunity to ride multiple times a day
LOAWAI jetboards with security leash
LOAWAI jetboards with security leash

You control the direction of the Loawai Jetboards with body weight shift like you do with any traditional surfboard or skateboard , but you control the speed with a remote control in the handle which is connected to the board.

The batteries are easy to replace and you can get additional batteries from our Jetboard Shop if you want to have several batteries which cover you an entire day. For example if you want to run a Loawai surfboard rental business.

The Loawai can tow a wakeboarder or your kids in a tube
The Loawai can tow a wakeboarder or your kids in a tube

By the way, you may have heard from CURF Jetboards in the past, but the original brand was changed towards Loawai.

Enough said, the new Loawai surfboards are now available in our Jetboard Shop. Check our price list and request your personal offer.