Jetboard Shop

The Jetboard Shop out of Berlin is your expert for electric surfboards and jetboards. We have our shop in Germany and partners all around the world to serve you. If you visit Berlin you can actually test the Loawai  & Lampuga Jetboards before you buy.

Loawai Jetboard
Loawai Jetboard

Jetboard Shop history

Since early 2017 we are running the E-Surfer magazine and we were able to try most of the electric jetboards and hydrofoils on our own. Therefore we were starting to sell the top products which we own ourselves, because we like them and can confirm that they are a good choice. In addition to the Loawai & Lampuga Jetboards we sell the Lift Foils eFoil through our Electric Hydrofoil Shop. In case you are interested in a different board we can still help you through our global reseller network.

Why we like the eFoil is a different story and is told on the website above. We like the Loawai & Lampuga Jetboards because they are easy to handle and very powerful. The PE (Polyethylen) hull of the Loawai surfboards have a lot of advantages in our mind as they are very robust. The boards are so powerful that you can even tow a wakeboarder or a water tube.

The Lampuga Jetboard has an inflatable hull, which makes it very easy to handle and in can be even stored in a back of a normal car. It is ideal for families.

Which one should you take?

Both the Loawai and the Lampuga electric surfboards are great quality and both are made in Germany. The batteries from both companies follow the highest standards with battery cells which are individually sealed. It’s all about safety.

If your are an adrenaline junky who is just about power and speed you may want to consider the Loawai Jetboards. They are extremely robust and powerful. On the other hand this power and safety has its weight with 66 kg including both lithium in batteries.

Lampuga Air Jetboard
Lampuga Air Jetboard

If you are looking for a board which serves you (up to 50 km/h) but also the entire family and is easier to handle and transport you may want to consider the Lampuga Air with its modular system and inflatable hull.

We suggest you just try them before you buy them. Come to our Berlin test centre and ride both boards to make your final choice.

Jetboard Shop comparison:

Let’s have a look how the technical specifications compare.

 Loawai StandardLoawai WakeLampuga Air
Max. Speed53 km/h60 km/h50 km/h
Acceleration90 kg135 kg50 kg
Power11 kW (output)19 kW10 kW
Dimensions192 cm x w 73 cm x h 26 cm192 cm x w 73 cm x h 26 cm230 cm x 75 cm x 25 cm
Weight (w/o battery)30 kg30 kg25 kg
Battery2 swappable lithium ion batteries, 18 kg each2 swappable lithium ion batteries, 18 kg each1 swappable lithium ion battery, 25 kg
Charging team5 hours (standard charger) / 2 hours (quick charger)5 hours (standard charger) / 2 hours (quick charger)2 hours
Riding time20-40 minutes20-40 minutes30 - 45 minutes
price (incl. German VAT)18,395 EUR24,675 EUR13,079 EUR