Loawai video tutorial section

Our Loawai video tutorial section shall help Loawai jetboard users to ride and maintain their electric surfboard.

Loawai jetboard tutorial 1: Insert the batteries

Turn the battery handle to unlock the battery lockers. If you don’t do so you might harm your sealing while trying to insert the battery. Never use force to insert the battery and make sure you insert the batteries with the small button showing towards the middle of the board. Once the battery is inside turn the handle by 90 degrees to lock it and push it down. Follow the same procedure for the second battery. You can use both batteries for both slots, but always make sure the button shows to the middle of the board.


Loawai jetboard tutorial 2: How to start and stop

After you have inserted and locked the batteries you can use the magnetic key to start your board. Hold the magnet for a second to the magnet slot on your first battery. After that you do the same with the 2nd battery. You will see that they are booting up and once the LEDs are blinking the battery is ready to connect with the other battery. Once they are connected all LED’s at the top of the board are on. The green LED shows the status “ready”. The white LED’s show the battery charge and the red LED show that they board lis “locked”. You can unlock it by connecting the magnet key with the main magnet slot. You are ready to go.

Turning the board off:

Pull off the magnet key from the main slot. Hold the magnet for 4-5 seconds to one battery magnet slot. Both batteries will turn off and you can take out the batteries.


Loawai tutorial 3: Charging

Use the provided tool to open the connector compartment. Unlock the protectors and connect the plugs from your chargers. Secure the connectors with the lockers. Insert the batteries and start the board as shown in the 2 earlier videos. Once the board is started (all LEDs on the top are on) you can turn on the chargers. Never connect the magnet key with the main magnet slot while it is charging. You can see the charging progress on the battery LEDs. If you are using the fast charger the display will show the ampere it is charged with and once it is charged the red LED will turn green.


Loawai tutorial 4: After use

Especially when using the Loawai jetboard in salt water make sure you flush it with fresh water after you used it. To clean the water cooling use the provided syringe as shown in the video.


For further questions please contact us through the E-Surfer Forum at: forum.e-surfer.com/loawai

We hope you find our Loawai video tutorial section helpful and keep on riding …

Loawai video tutorial section by jetboard.shop
Loawai video tutorial section by jetboard.shop